About Us

It was a Tuesday…at this company conference where I (and a few other employees) were being honored for outstanding sales numbers. The VP of the company turned to me and said, I want to thank Ayesha Young for making us over 1 MILLION dollars in sales… Wait, WHAT?? I made you $1MIL? Well, where’s my cut?! Can we negotiate the terms of my employment? In a moment that I should have been so proud of myself, I felt almost… embarrassed, that I had worked so hard and got a Quartz watch and a free catered lunch. Thanks. Needless to say, I left shortly there after to start my own business. Looking back at the situation, I realize that although I had the core skills needed to be an entrepreneur, (drive, tenacity, and the ability to be broke before you get RICH! lol), I lacked a plan that was outlined for success. I also lacked the gratefulness that the experience gave me. At the end of the day, I learned how to run a business from the inside out which has proven to be insanely helpful. So Im grateful now! The entrepreneurial life is all about planning and executing efficiently and effectively. I designed every workbook, package, template, course, EVERYTHING with the procrastinator in mind. I have broken down every crucial element of running your business down into small digestible parts, so you can take the plunge into business ownership and make YOURSELF a million dollars. Click around the site and Im sure you will find what you’re looking for, if not, drop me a line: ayoung@gowithoptiona.com, I’d love to hear what your up to and how I can help!